Student Membership is available to an individual who is actively pursuing a career in school administration and is not eligible for Associate Member status. It’s for those who are enrolled full-time or part-time at any tertiary institution, and have an interest in research. To be eligible, you must not be in full-time employment.

Student membership is not available to those who would qualify for membership under the Associate membership category. Student membership eligibility ends six months after the completion of the degree, or upon employment in the field, whichever comes first. These members are entitled to all the rights of full membership except for the ability to vote or hold office.

Student members of IARSA will be kept informed of the various professional development opportunities offered by the Association, including information about job opportunities not available elsewhere. Student members receive our quarterly publication, Research News, and are encouraged to become involved in the activities of our Young Researchers Network. Student members enjoy a nominal membership fee.

Students Membership Benefits

Your IARSA Student membership is an important first step in starting off strong in your research career! We want to make sure you are getting the most out of your IARSA membership, so we have outlined some key benefits and resources available to you. Whether it is scholarships, conferences, research news, research reports or networking events, IARSA Student has you covered!

Student membership benefits include:
• Use the IARSA Jobs board to find vacancies in the field – members can post departmental job adverts free of charge

• Your student membership gives you access to knowledge and resources that will help you develop your professional identity. You’ll make lasting connections with people currently working in your target field, not to mention those that could be hiring for the positions you seek! Look for jobs, post your resume and access job-seeker resources at the IARSA Career Centre. Get discounts on career coaching, credentialing programmes and more.

• A free subscription to the IARSA’s periodical publications

• Career support and advice – Get access to our Career Hub, helping you to plan and manage your career goals, with practical career development and job-hunting tips and advice to prepare you for your dream.

• Bursary – Access our Start-up Entrepreneurship which exists to help train aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate giants.

• Mentoring – Benefit from a mentor, who can provide you with support, guidance and advice, helping you to build your confidence and expand your horizons.

• Professionalism – Demonstrate your commitment to high standards of professionalism and work ethics from the start, boosting your post-study employability. Use our online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme to develop your career plan and reflect on your learning and work.

• Specialist technical knowledge and research – Develop and deepen your knowledge with our extensive range of research materials and our technical information service providing you with an array of online resources, books and technical guides. Access webinars to keep your knowledge up to date and relevant.

• Networking – Connect with our existing global members, join industry-specific groups and local branches, and attend some of the 300-plus events a year by them. As part of our Future Leaders Community, join other new and aspiring professionals at tailor-made events and in our dedicated online forum space.

• Sponsorship: IARSA helps student members subsidize their education. Scholarships are offered to domestic and international undergraduate and graduate students

• Discounts – discounts on all IARSA events.

• Stay up to date – Access our newsletters and magazine, keeping you up to date with the latest news updates, as and when you need them.