IARSA is pleased to introduce a new programme for academic institutions to provide Student Membership to all of their research students in diverse areas of study at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels!


IARSA encourages the formation of student groups at colleges and universities and is committed to developing these groups as a way of encouraging students to take the first step in demonstrating a commitment to their professional interest and assisting them in understanding research and real life experience. The goal of the student groups is to get the student involved in research project, create a community of their own and help them build research leadership skills that will be valuable as they move into the professional world.

The Group Student Membership (GSM) programme makes it easy for you to enroll your students as IARSA members. With this programme, your students receive all the benefits of membership in IARSA, including knowledge, resources, and networking opportunities that can help them get started in their careers.

When an institution purchases a group of memberships, one complimentary membership for a faculty member or advisor is included as well, so you can access the same benefits as your students.


These requirements reflect our experience of the past several years of what makes a successful group. Adhering to them will help ensure that the group runs smoothly and enables students to get the most out of their IARSA membership.

  • Each student group must have a faculty adviser, who must submit a formal agreement in order to activate the group. The faculty adviser is the liaison between the students and IARSA and is responsible for the formation and maintenance of the student group. In return for the extra work required of the faculty adviser to run a successful group, IARSA provides the adviser with a complimentary membership at the Supporter level for taking on the responsibility of starting and running the student group.
  • Each group must have at least 10 students with active IARSA memberships at all times.
  • The faculty adviser must submit the student group agreement to start or continue a group. Agreements are due once a year to renew.
  • The faculty adviser is required to maintain a current roster of who is in the group. A current listing of the student groups and faculty advisors is accessible from the students groups.
  • The faculty adviser must encourage students to keep their contact information updated.
  • The faculty adviser assumes accountability for programming funds collected and spent.

Relationship between IARSA Chapters and Group Student Membership

A student group at a high-school or university automatically becomes affiliated with the chapter nearest to it. The faculty adviser should be recognized as an asset of the chapter, assisting in involving the students in IARSA and in programming for their own interests, in distributing materials and in keeping student records (particularly addresses) current. The student advisers within a chapter will work together to combine assets and create programming that will involve more students and build a strong research community.

IARSA feels strongly that student groups should, as much as possible, be involved in programming their own events. This activity provides an opportunity for training future chapter officers and instills a sense of responsibility towards the organisation. IARSA chapters are reimbursed a portion of dues paid by each of their members, regardless of whether the member is part of a student group. Chapters are encouraged to make a portion of their dues reimbursements available to student groups in their area.

Renewing Student Groups

A new agreement must be submitted to IARSA each year, to confirm that the student group will continue, and to renew the faculty adviser’s complimentary membership. Failure to submit an agreement will cause the student group to be deactivated.

Number of Student Groups per Campus

IARSA will recognize one (and only one) faculty adviser per campus. Other faculty members are encouraged to take advantage of the Supporter level and select “educator” as their primary attribute.

Benefits for your Students

University or college students can increase their understanding of the research profession, begin career development and gain valuable skills by joining the International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) today!

Membership Benefits include:

  • Access to:
  • Potential Internships and employers
  • IARSA networking events and conferences at discounted member rate
  • IARSA Young professional group and other IARSA committee
  • The Right Connections
  • Research News: As a student member, you have digital access to IARSA Research News magazine. This award-winning publication for the research industry keeps you up-to-date on new ideas and developments in research.
  • IARSA Job Board: The IARSA job board provides student members with resources to help them successfully search for an internship and find job opportunities. It can help you plan your career path and transition to the professional world.
  • Career CentreStudent members may post resumes/CVs and get email job notifications from the IARSA Career Centre.
  • Increase your value to prospective employers by expanding your skill set.Gain industry knowledge by attending IARSA educational events, and reading the biannually International Journal for Research Scholars and Administrators (IJRSA) (free to members online and as a mobile application.
  • Build a network of business contacts.Membership in one of more than in 18 countries puts you in contact with international circle of peers. IARSA conferences expand your network further and listservs give students a forum to share advice on topics of professional interest.
  • Position yourself to participate in a global marketplace.IARSA’s international membership offers opportunities to learn more about business cultures, priorities, and practices from around the world.
  • Student Connections Newsletter:Published when school is in session, this e-newsletter is the primary communication between the IARSA and its student members. It features updates on the annual IARSA International Conference, competitions, awards and important news for your local chapter management.
  • Mentoring by experienced researchers and professionals.
  • Valuable relationships that can last a lifetime

Qualifications for Group Student Membership

To be eligible for student membership, you will need to provide verification that you are currently enrolled in a degree-seeking programme and submit evidence with your application you are earning credit hours towards receiving National College of Education (NCE), Bachelors/Higher National Diploma, Masters level and doctorate degree at a recognised college, polytechnic or university.

Current students should submit proof of their enrollment status along with their student membership application. Note: Only one (1) form of verification is needed. Acceptable verification includes:

  • Copy of your class schedule
  • University transcript

IARSA student membership is available for first-time members only. Individuals that are currently or were previously IARSA members at any level (other than student) are not eligible for membership at this rate. Membership at the student level is limited to 6 years in total.

Download Full Group Student Membership Application Form