The Centre for Educational Planning, Economics & Research Development (CEPERD) is an independent think tank, which works in macro-economy, energy, international trade, manufacturing sectors, banking, infrastructure, conflict, contracts, corruption, culture, discrimination, finance, fiscal policy, governance, health, human capital, inequality, industrial organization, international economics, political economy and property rights. CEPERD pursues evidence for the use of technology and innovation as a tool for, rather than an outcome of, development and advocates bringing this to the forefront of international development practice.

We work in areas which pose some of the biggest questions for our age – from how to engage in quantitative and qualitative education and conduct innovative research address economic problems in the developing countries. Our work is known for its understanding of the educational context, innovative use of data, and rigorous analyses that result in real solutions to real problems. Our strategic partnerships with educational practitioners and our engagement with policymakers ensure that our work is meaningful and leads to continuous improvement of a nation. Learn More Here (