The Publications and Research Committee responsible for the quality of IARSA publications and research and shall provide direction to and review of the Association’s print and electronic publications, including journals, books, news, educational and all other publications. It oversees general editorial policy, engages in strategic planning and development of the Association’s current and future publications, recommends and works with partner entities where appropriate, and initiate publication focused task forces and subcommittees as deemed necessary by the committee.

The Committee coordinates all publications associated with the section and to serve as an advisory unit to the Governing Council. The Committee identifies publication needs; stimulates research, writing, and discussion by overseeing the development and production of the Article Guides, Discussion Forums, and selected projects. The committee seeks opportunities to work collaboratively within IARSA as well as related organizations providing content both virtually and at conferences.


  • The Publication and Research Committee’s mandate is to foster the circulation and exchange of ‘Knowledge and Insights’ that emerge from the intellectual work of the Association.
  • The Publication and Research Committee has also a mandate to keep track and publicize (through the IARSA announcement list and other relevant channels) all publication-related activities emerging from the IARSA membership.
  • The Publication and Research Committee takes responsibility in coordinating and/or providing editorial support to publication projects that are developed by IARSA members.
  • The Publication and Research Committee works to foster linguistic and cultural diversity in/through publication activities and to promote better connection between IARSA and regional academic association, by means of information exchange and cooperation on matters related to the circulation of knowledge and scholarly contributions.
  • The Publication and Research Committee is committed to investigate opportunities and options to promote Open Access to IARSA publication activities.
  • The Publication and Research Committee should guarantee that all publication-related activities within the Association are presented, and related information is made accessible, in a consistent manner through the IARSA website.
  • Promote the funding of academic and global research activities at both the local and global level. Support the research and educational purposes of IARSA by encouraging corporate and individual donations as well as an annual contribution to support IARSA publications;
  • Manage the review, editing and acceptance of original scientific research abstracts for the Research Poster sessions of IARSA Congresses/conferences, according to the timelines drawn up by the Board of Directors;
  • Maintain close contact with institutions across the globe, and individual members with special status to disseminate calls for prizes/awards and abstract submissions;
  • Arrange, in collaboration with the secretariat, for the original scientific research abstracts to be published in a congress/conference booklet;
  • Assessing editorial quality and content of the publication programme of the Association, including the system of primary publications of books, journals, scientific communications, magazines, the official organ of the Association, and miscellaneous publications; and reporting its findings to the Board of Directors;
  • Serving as a channel for communication among IARSAmembers, the Board, other users of the Association’s publications, the Editorial Board for Publishing, and the Board of Directors to ensure that needs and support are recognized, researched, and addressed;
  • Consulting with the editors of the above publications concerning editorial policy;
  • Consulting with the Board of Directors upon matters of appointments concerning the above publications;
  • Making recommendations to the Board of Directors related to the needs and adequacy of the publications of the Association, including the need for curtailment of ongoing efforts and the initiation of new efforts, and recommending to the Board any changes in these publications;
  • Advising the Governing Board of Directors, members and staff on copyright policy and recommending actions to protect IARSA copyright;
  • Informing and educating members on copyright through national and regional symposia and through articles in the official organ of the Associationand other IARSA publications;
  • Monitoring developments on copyright issues at international and national levels;
  • Informing the Board of Directors of the Committee’s activities.
  • Work with the secretariat to encourage the submission of applications for IARSA prizes and awards and to work with the Editor-in-Chief of the Association’s Journal to ensure the call for research abstracts and research prize/awards applications are published;
  • Foster close links with accredited institutions in order to develop a collaborative relationship;

Reporting and Assurance Arrangements

The Committee shall:

  • Report formally, regularly and on a timely basis to the Board of Directors on the Committee’s activities. This includes verbal updates on activity and the submission of committee minutes and written reports throughout the year;
  • Bring to the Board of Directors, normally via the Secretary, specific attention to any significant matters under consideration by the Committee;
  • Ensure appropriate escalation arrangements are in place to alert the Board of Directors or Chairs of relevant committees of any urgent/critical matters that may affect the operation and/or reputation of the IARSA.

The Executive Director of IARSA, on behalf of the Board of Directors, shall oversee a process of regular and rigorous self-assessment and evaluation of the Committee’s performance and operation including that of any sub-Committees established.

Committee Membership:

The Publications and Research Committee will consist of:

  • A Chair, appointed by the Board of Directors and approved by the General Assembly;
  • Individual members appointed by the Board of Directors following discussion with the Chair;
  • By invitation: the Committee Chair may invite IARSA officers or others to attend all or part of a meeting to assist it with its discussions on a particular matter.

Member Appointments:

  • The membership of the Publications and Research Committee shall be determined by the Board of Directors, based on the recommendations of the Chair – taking account of the balance of skills and expertise necessary to deliver the committee’s remit, and subject to specific requirements or directions made by the General Assembly;
  • Members shall be appointed to hold office for a period of three years, with a possibility of renewal for a further three years. During this time a member may resign or be replaced by the Governing Council;
  • Specific criteria for membership shall normally include:
    • Full Membership IARSA;
  • Established record of high quality research activity, including the award of research grants and publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals;
  • Commitment to engage with IARSA and the Research Committee, and to respond to requests from the IARSA in a timely manner;
  • Good communicator with command of written and oral English;
  • Ability to attend real or virtual meetings of the Publications and Research Committee and IARSA Congresses/Conferences

Committee Meetings


Quorum at formal meetings to consist of at least a third of the whole number, including the Chair (or nominated deputy)

Decision making

It is expected that all major decisions are approved by unanimous agreement, that is, all members are in favour.


  • Meetings shall be held as the Chair of the Committee deems necessary – consistent with the IARSA’s annual plan of business;
  • Meetings should be held as video or teleconferences where possible.

 Relationships and Accountabilities with the Governing Council and its Committees  

  • The Committee is directly accountable to the Governing Council for its performance in exercising the functions set out in these terms of reference.
  • The Committee shall embed the IARSA’s corporate standards, priorities and requirements, e.g. equality and human rights through the conduct of its business.