The corporation Professional Development Programs (PDP) of the International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators, Inc (IARSA) is a reliable partner of individual experts and organizations alike. With the help of IARSAC CPDP, you personally and your organization can obtain a professional head start and competitive edge. We will help you to update your knowledge and competencies, enhance your career development, and ensure that your expertise remains competitive in the future.

The PDP is known as an innovative actor; based on the corporation PDP’s program, companies can directly apply the latest research findings from IARSA and other institutions. You can put the lessons from the program directly into practice. The program’s projects and assignments will be closely related to your own work.

We provide our interest groups different – both tailored and ready-maid – training and research services and cooperation and development projects. We organize events and occasions and inform actively about the new achievements of the science. Regarding services and other operations, we want genuine interaction and feedback from our interest groups.

Since our activity is based on the professional development programs and research we have experience in arranging training in a vast number of other areas as well. Our own methods of working have provided us with skills in project- and teamwork, and through our international projects. We have gained access to extensive networks and a practical knowledge that we are more than happy to share.

We produce:

  • Continuing education for different occupational groups
  • Training projects
  • Staff training

The corporation PDP is designed, custom-made, arranged courses, and training for:

  • Separate individuals
  • Teams and other groups of employees
  • Organizations, the public sector and private companies

Our strong areas of expertise are:

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  • Management and Organization Development
  • Social Services and Health Care
  • Pedagogy and Continuing education for teachers at all levels
  • Intercultural Communication and Global Understanding
  • Sustainable Development
  • Nature and the Environment
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Production of Culture and Cultural Competence
  • Flexible Learning

The quality of our training services is guaranteed by diversified co-operation with:

  • University departments and experts
  • Private and public institutions
  • National and international research associations and members.

You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in personal, institutional or corporate competence development or if you need a reliable partner for internal training in your institution or organization.


Whether you’re an institution or an organization working to enhance your leadership pipeline or an individual seeking to advance your career, the International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators Inc (IARSA) offers a variety of programs to satisfy your needs. Our open enrolment programs equip participants to identify opportunities through immersive learning that encourages them to think and act entrepreneurially.

The corporation open enrolment programs include:

1. Innovation Management:

To succeed and perform well, businesses must be able to produce new, innovative products and services. New product development methods often lie at the heart of the development of innovation expertise. Expertise is also need in managing the intellectual property rights, commercialization, innovation projects and project portfolios.

The corporation Open Enrolment Programs (OEP) provides the latest knowledge on the commercialization, marketing and sales of innovations, as well as managing successful innovation projects. We help product and service developers to develop and maintain know-how that ensures the success of innovation management at enterprise level and in individual products and services.

2. Business Digitalization

Digitalization is a megatrend that is changing the earnings logic and value creation of enterprises. All servitization is a consequence, not a cause, of digitalization. The challenge lies in applying existing technology to business activities across traditional industry and organizational boundaries.

The corporation Open Enrolment Programs will update your knowledge of the latest digitalization tools and principles of development, learn to utilize and create simple pilots, network with various actors, prepare to become a leading company in your business ecosystem, upgrade your competitive strategy from the digitalization perspective, develop your own digiskills and gain comprehensive knowledge of various methods of promoting digitalization in your organization.

3. Project Management

Organizations’ business activities are increasingly based on project-type ventures. The skills involved in leading and running projects are becoming more central to working life. A clear understanding of project management dynamics and a good overview of tools and methods enable selection of the tools best suited to an organization’s own project management.

Open Enrolment Programs provides you with the latest project competencies, update your knowledge and skills, and enable you to raise the maturity of your organization’s project management. You will also succeed better in your projects and build a brand for your business or organization as a credible and desired project partner in your sector. Effective project management improves the productivity of project work and thereby the profitability of projects and business, while improving the use of resources.

4. Quality Management:

Quality management involves the systematic strategic development and continuous improvement of operations, products, services and processes. A well-led organization is constantly evolving: customer value is created, processes do not become outworn and staffs retain strong expertise and problem-solving skills.

The Open Enrolment Programs strengthens your organization’s strategic quality management, development methods, and problem-solving techniques. Our traditional quality management program offers a wide-ranging and in-depth overview of contemporary quality management and operational development, as part of strategic and operational management. Problem-solving skills are developed in Lean programs of varying scope: participants learn to identify key problems and to successfully apply the most effective problem-solving methods in each situation.

5. Servitization:

Customers, who require wider and more user-friendly service solutions, are demanding change. Servitization is transforming sectoral structures, and production and operational models. At company or organizational level, the challenges of servitization lie in businesses, product and customer process development.

Key aspects of servitization include technological opportunities, business models, change management and customer-centric development. These are also the foundations of the training provided by the corporation. As one of the pioneers in the research industry, we provide programs in service design. Our members obtain a comprehensive overview of the subject, are given a framework and concepts, and have the chance to try out the methods best suited to various phases. The program also imparts a large amount of tacit knowledge and confidence in your own approach.

6. Built Environment:

A megatrend involves a transition that is changing the way we live and work. Energy efficiency urbanization and digitalization are transforming transport, housing and construction. Construction, urban planning and transportation planning are the key to creating an energy-efficient but high-quality residential and business environment.

Such a transition is an opportunity for those with the skills to take advantage of it. IARSA PDP has been helping built environment experts and organizations to find new directions for half a century. In our programs, new information is jointly discovered as well as imparted: research findings are combined with the views of leading experts from various fields and the participants’ own practical experiences. Interactive methods ensure that the training is geared to current development needs and helps the student to develop a focus on the built environment of the future.


Startup IARSA is an interdisciplinary community for the corporation related members, teachers and researchers interested in entrepreneurial activities and mindsets. We help find those researchers that are interested in creating a business around their research and to help them in the process of creating a business model and setting up a company. 

Anyone can become an entrepreneur and every IARSA member has a lot of knowledge and a great skill set. Maybe you have an idea that would change the world, maybe you just want to earn while becoming a member or maybe you are eager to learn more. No matter what Startup IARSA creates transformational action by combining intellectual know-how and real world problems in an entrepreneurial context. 

On this platform we have collected useful information for students, teachers, researchers and alumni interested in entrepreneurial matters. Here you find courses, happenings, ways to change and improve your teaching and tips for building your own company.

We provide mentoring for startups in different phases; the mentoring process is based on your startup’s needs. We help you to move forward and to find the right track. These are factors you might need mentoring with: 

  • Creating a prototype
  • Validating a prototype 
  • Finding a co-founder
  • Funding
  • Networking 
  • Launching
  • Marketing 
  • Recruitment 
  • Pivoting 

Our aim is to support, serve and encourage members, researchers, teachers and partners in developing entrepreneurial skills and mindsets. The project is founded on research activities and on tested methods, as well as on their constant development. As a result the gap between the working life and the studies becomes smaller and the bond between research and teaching strengthens. The market and the jobs are changing and we need to develop entrepreneurial skills to succeed. 

Our mission is to improve entrepreneurial education and to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in IARSA.  We believe that the corporation is an ideal start-up platform combining ambitious and smart people with research, mentors and companies in a multidisciplinary setting. 


Let our expert help your institution or organization. IARSA Faculty Mobility is a mobility program between the corporation and the business sector and society.

The staff mobility program will:

  • Enhance and reinforce mutual knowledge exchange and technology transfer
  • Bring new ideas to research and new ways of working
  • Create and strengthen long-term collaboration
  • Enhance the relevance of university education and research
  • Facilitate collective impact

We offer your institution or organization with:

  • A wide range of expertise and access to the most recent knowledge in your field. Our experts represent several different fields such as natural sciences, engineering, humanities, education, social sciences and business.
  • A flexible and convenient way of sharing knowledge and supporting the development resources of your business. Our expert works for your institution or organization for 6 months, 1 day/week (or equivalent). We cover the salary costs.
  • Pathways for mutual knowledge exchange and long-term collaboration that will help both organizations prosper.

Requirements for the hosting institution or organization

  • The hosting organization appoints a mentor.
  • The hosting organization arranges a physical working place for the corporation staff member.
  • The hosting institution or organization will take part in reflective feedback surveys and interviews about lessons learned in the mobility program.