The International Association of Research Scholars & Administrators (IARSA) proposes to offer a Group Membership Discount Programme (GMDP) to the staff/research personnel and affiliates to institutions faculty members and staff of corporate bodies. Each member must be employed or affiliated with the institutions. Any member who is not in the employment or affiliated to the institutions or corporate bodies may not sign up under the Group Membership Discount.

Terms will run for one year and renewals shall be due by the one year anniversary date. Any group membership discount not renewed will terminate all memberships within the programme unless individuals decide to renew on their own without the discount. Group members will be considered Individual Members and will have all the rights and benefits afforded to them per IARSA bylaws. Membership resides with the individual regardless of who settles the financial terms and cannot be terminated for reasons other than those listed in the IARSA bylaws.

IARSA’s Group Membership programme is customized for the staff and affiliates of the staff/research personnel and affiliates of our partnered institutions to meet their short- and long-term goals. GMP provides members with:

  • Immediate training on the latest tactics and strategies through in-person and online events.
  • Help build professional Development and research excellence through connections to an engaged networks of colleagues.
  • Keep members up to date with the latest research news and industry headlines that are making an impact and;
  • Offer inspiration and insights on what works (and what doesn’t) through case studies and research.


We have set some criteria to ensure that this programme provides the greatest return on investment. We require that a minimum of five employees join at the same time. Also:

  • A Group Member Application for all new members is needed, along with payment.
  • Payment methods accepted are cash deposit, company cheques and bank transfer

Once you have become an IARSA Group, our straightforward process includes:

  • One convenient renewal date for the entire team.
  • One invoice detailing payment for each member, which will be sent to the group contact.
  • The ability for additional members to join the group at any time during the year. Dues will be prorated accordingly.
  • Easily transferable memberships for when an employee changes departments or leaves your organization.
  • Annual billing for renewals, after the first year.
  • Availability of multi-year memberships at an additional discount.


The GMP offers ease of access and additional member benefits that help your staff focus on what matters most — building research career and energizing your team. In addition to your team benefits, our programme provides your organisation with:

  • Single Invoicing. Make a single payment each year for group members’ dues, rather than numerous individual payments.
  • Transferability of Membership. Each membership within a group is easily transferable. This is convenient when an employee changes departments or leaves your organization.
  • Ease of Adding New Members. IARSA will prorate the dues to maintain the same term year and renewal date.
  • Employer Posting Opportunities. Receive discounted or free postings on IARSA’s career and employment website, the IARSA Jobcentre.
  • Listings in Online Organization Search. Take advantage of complimentary listings in the Find-A-Firm Tool.
  • The Best Pricing on IARSA Events and conference. Save on registration for on-site training at the annual IARSA International Conference, as well as various specialty conferences, seminars, training and workshop throughout the year.
  • Geographic and Sector-Specific Networking. Membership to specialty communities, such as our local Chapters or Professional Interest Sections, is provided according to group size.

Benefits for Your Team 

Time is money. Sharpen your team’s focus and demonstrate the fastest and most efficient approaches to building research career with IARSA Group Membership through:

  • Research Teams that Succeed – IARSA offers the depth and breadth of research support that your team needs to succeed: comprehensive, timely, thoughtful information and perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else. The IARSA is a resource everyone in your group will use in their careers.
  • Team Building: IARSA group memberships will inform your team about national and international events, ability to gain access to thought leadership ideas on our websites, gain subscriptions to publications specific to your area of research function, and give access to new tools, information, and solutions.
  • 35% discount on registration for IARSA’s International Conferences for all members of your group.
  • All group members will be on one bill with renewal at the same time – makes payment processing much easier for your accounting department.
  • Transferability to another staff member if staff changes – the most popular group benefit!
  • Professional Developments Training Programmes. Instantly access more than 50 live and on-demand webinars, which offer cutting-edge tools and techniques from institution and industry thought leaders.
  • Research News. Find the top research headlines in one place when they’re delivered straight to your inbox through our newsletter.
  • Campaigns & Research. Find the latest best practices case studies and member-only research.
  • Community Involvement. Network with local professionals in your local chapter, as well as sector-specific colleagues in our international Professional Interest Section communities
  • Thought Leadership Opportunities. Take part in opportunities to authors’ articles, and connect via in person events and conferences.
  • Gain new skills.
  • Share leading practices with other organisations around the world.


Primary Contact: The employing organization must have one primary contact that will be responsible for initially signing all group members up at one time. The primary contact will be IARSA’s sole contact for the Group Membership. If individual contact is to be added onto the group membership throughout the year, the primary contact must approve it.


Group memberships will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. If members of the group are converting from an individual membership to a group discount, they may lose part of their annual individual membership due to the timing of the transition as no prorated credit will be given. The only exception to refunding a prorated amount will be for members who joined individually within the previous 30 days. For example, if your membership is due to expire in March and your organization signs up for the group discount program in January, you will lose the portion of your previous membership that would have covered you from January through March.

Termination of Member from Group Membership Roster

There is no exchange of a membership for another person during the annual term for any reason. If an individual leaves prior to the membership expiring, the employer cannot transfer that membership to another employee. Memberships are not refundable in full or part.

New members may be added to the Group Discount Plan upon annual renewal. New members may also be added to a current group plan and have the discounted dues prorated for the individual based on the renewal cycle and time of year. IARSA reserves the right to limit to changes to discount group plans if changes become regular outside of the annual cycle. All changes must be communicated through the primary contact.

Group Memberships are considered Individual Memberships

Even though a group membership is in place, all are considered Individual Memberships and owned by each individual. If an individual leaves the organization prior to the membership expiring, the individual member will retain that membership provided they continue to meet membership eligibility criteria for the remainder of the term. These same individuals may also convert their membership to Interim Status if appropriate for up to one year. These same individuals will be responsible for any renewal applications and payments.

Categories of membership under Group Membership

  1. Fellow (FCRSA – Fellow Certified Research Scholar & Administrator): (Doctoral Degree holders with academic/research/Industrial experience of more 10 years)
  2. Full Member: (MCRSA – Full Member Certified Research Scholar & Administrator) (Open for Doctoral Degree holders having academic/research/industrial experience of more than 3 years and Master Degree of 8 years)
  3. Associate: (ACRSA – Associate Certified Research Scholar & Administrator) (Open Master Degree holders having academic/research/industrial experience of more than 3 years or a Bachelor Degree holder with 5 years of research experience

For further information, please send an email to the Administrative Secretary at: or call 08069814073. The more members you sign up, the better the deal!

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Please note that the Training/Induction fee for the Group Membership is One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only (N150, 000). This fee is for training materials, membership certificate, and light refreshment.

Membership certificates would be issued to individual under each group at the induction venue

Download Full Group Membership Application Form