Research is a crucial strategic business discipline. We remain the constant in continuing to raise the profile of the profession, to keep it on the business agenda and bring our community together. Corporate membership of the Association will enhance your organisation’s performance by equipping it with the best research and development team. By investing in your research development team, you improve your products or services and employees’ success and ultimately your organization’s performance.

Being a Corporate Member of IARSA presents an ideal opportunity to meet the world’s foremost experts in an informal setting. In this way, corporate members can gauge reactions to new ideas, seek detailed advice and also gain valuable help in identifying additional sources of information and cooperation. This approach is recognised by many as being one of the most effective ways of solving difficult organisation problems. Being able to meet the world’s leading experts allows an organisation to gain firsthand knowledge of what is happening in a particular field of technology, and perhaps more importantly, what is likely to happen in future years.

By becoming a Corporate Member of IARSA, we can help your organisation to stay ahead of the competition. By association, we can raise your profile within the profession, helping to increase long-term networking and research opportunities.

IARSA Corporate membership is available for:

  • Companies
  • Commissions
  • Corporations
  • Government Ministries
  • Bureaus
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Public Agencies
  • Donor Banks

Which package is right for your organisation?

We offer packages depend upon your organisation size. All packages are annual subscriptions for both small and large organisations. Find out more…

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