Research is a crucial strategic business discipline. We remain the constant in continuing to raise the profile of the profession, to keep it on the business agenda and bring our community together. Corporate membership of the Association will enhance your organisation’s performance by equipping it with the best research and development team. By investing in your research development team, you improve your products or services and employees’ success and ultimately your organization’s performance.

Being a Corporate Member of IARSA presents an ideal opportunity to meet the world’s foremost experts in an informal setting. In this way, corporate members can gauge reactions to new ideas, seek detailed advice and also gain valuable help in identifying additional sources of information and cooperation. This approach is recognised by many as being one of the most effective ways of solving difficult organisation problems. Being able to meet the world’s leading experts allows an organisation to gain firsthand knowledge of what is happening in a particular field of technology, and perhaps more importantly, what is likely to happen in future years.

By becoming a Corporate Member of IARSA, we can help your organisation to stay ahead of the competition. By association, we can raise your profile within the profession, helping to increase long-term networking and research opportunities.

IARSA Corporate membership is available for:

  • Companies
  • Commissions
  • Corporations
  • Government Ministries
  • Bureaus
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Public Agencies
  • Donor Banks

Which package is right for your organisation?

We offer packages depend upon your organisation size. All packages are annual subscriptions for both small and large organisations. Find out more…

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Corporate Membership Programme

Membership of IARSA offers the corporate community unique access to some of world’s top economists and their research on issues shaping the world’s economic, political and financial future.

The corporate membership programme is an invitation to join our forum of interaction between leading researchers, policymakers and the business community. Membership of IARSA can provide a powerful company resource – through business networking, brand exposure, and access to cutting-edge research findings and an unparalleled research network.

They are two categories of membership currently available: They are:

  1. Gold

Members can enjoy varying degrees of access and involvement, and benefits accumulate with increased levels of commitment. The Gold membership or subscription provides the following specific services:

  • Direct, unlimited electronic access to our Discussion Paper series for up to ten members of staff
  • Invitations to IARSA’s public discussion meetings launch meetings and conferences in Nigeria and abroad
  • Video recordings of public meetings, if available, and electronic copies of papers and presentations on request
  • Opportunities to sponsor events of interest to them and for member organisations’ clients to attend these events
  • IARSA researchers available to attend member organisations’ meetings and seminars to give briefings on current and future trends (maximum two per year)
  • Invitation to the IARSA Roundtable, which takes place every year and brings together IARSA members, major funders and Research Fellows with high-level policymakers, to discuss current economic issues. Recent Roundtables have focused on macroprudential regulation; secular stagnation; and the consequences of low interest rates, amongst other topics.
  • IARSA’s quarterly Events Diary with full details of all IARSA meetings
  • Monthly IARSA Research Highlights Newsletter
  • A complimentary copy of all books and reports published by IARSA
  • Acknowledgement in IARSA’s Annual Report

Gold Members contribute a minimum of N750, 000.00 per annum. 

  1. Platinum

Platinum membership/subscription holders are the core supporters of IARSA and this involves a qualitatively different nature of engagement on the part of IARSA – a more tailor-made relationship and engagement of IARSA senior leadership. In particular, IARSA works with its Platinum Members to find creative ways of fostering interactions among leading IARSA scholars. The key to Platinum Membership is its adaptability to specific interests, but it always includes:

  • Electronic access to IARSA’s Discussion Paper series for all staff members via a site user license
  • An invitation for a senior representative to major IARSA events of high-level meeting which brings together key supporters and stakeholders of the Association under the guidance of the President. It provides a forum for a frank exchange of views between policy makers and top academics.
  • Electronic access to IARSA’s Discussion Paper series for all staff members via a site user license
  • Access to publishing at least six columns per year on IARSA Research Journals and Articles. The procedures for selecting columns will be settled by agreement between the Platinum members’ research leader and the IJRSA Editor-in-Chief.
  • Direct access to IARSA’s research network, coordinated through the Centre in Nigeria
  • IARSA works to put Platinum members in touch with the appropriate specialist to facilitate discussion on specific issues that are of interest to that member.

Platinum Members contribute a minimum of 1, 500,000.00 per annum.

General Benefits

  • Establish your organisation as a leader in research responsibility.
  • Connect with potential researchers IARSA’s network, and its 700+ participants at IARSA’s annual conference.
  • Stay current in the latest international news and developments, and receive the IJRSA journal – the widely acclaimed international journal of IARSA.
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to research and be recognised through IARSA members and affiliates worldwide
  • Learn how research as conducted around the globe can benefit your organisation in the work you do and how you can contribute to improved global research practices.
  • Access outstanding training available on research techniques at both the IARSA annual conferences and through customised in-house opportunities.
  • Raise the profile of your company’s research activities.
  • Expert advice one phone call away,
  • Discounts on all IARSA meetings, workshops and conferences,
  • Professional certification and accreditation,
  • Career centre,
  • complimentary membership in IARSA’s affiliate organisation,
  • networking and access to standards and technological resources,
  • free copies of IARSA quarterly journals and publications
  • free advisory services on policy design and guidance on compliance with government legislations, regulations and policy statements on research practice.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities

There are numerous sponsorship and advertising opportunities that you can take advantage of to reach your target audience, through events, regions and special interest groups, research, publications and online channels. Contact us at for further information.

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