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Professional development courses for organisations and employers bring benefits to the smallest of start-ups and the largest of multinationals. No organisation can succeed without a knowledgeable and highly skilled workforce.


Market research is undertaken by IARSA to help a business to not only compete with various other competitors in the industry but also to get analytical information on the competition, market size, and varied other market needs. Market research analysis technique comprises of both analytical as well as statistical research methods adapted to harness and interpret information in a systematic way.


IARSA helps your organization to mobilize for change and continuously adapt your strategy. We offer creative solutions that have helped hundreds of companies develop and execute winning strategies that create more value in their businesses.


The economy is central to modern life. From small businesses to large corporations and public-sector departments, the current economy and its outlook are central to everything done in the world.


Consulting Service Unit (ISU) provides a range of consulting services centred on knowledge management (KM). We can help you enhance your knowledge management practices to maximize your investment and gain greater operational efficiencies. We help industry leading service providers re-engineer their knowledge processes to improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and drive world class levels of performance.


Build a strategic foundation for your marketing, sales and customer service Consulting Service Unit (ISU) helps companies gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers, and develop the right sales and marketing strategy to reach out to different customer segments. We have built world-class sales and service organisations, preparing them to take on the evolving marketplace. Carefully aligning people, processes and technology at globally recognised companies, our sales consulting experts provide the strategies and tools you need to ensure you have the right people in the right roles.

Business Support Services

IARSA Consults Support Services provides professional, confidential and highly effective services tailored specifically to meet our client's individual needs.

Feasibility Studies/Reports

A feasibility study evaluates if your idea or project can be economically viable and helps you decide if investment advantages outweigh the risks involved.

Investor Grade-Business Plan

If you do not have the time, the patience, or the resources needed to develop a strategic business plan of professional caliber, then IARSA Consults is the answer...

Organisational Development

IARSA Consults provides organisational development and coaching to a range of clients in education, public health, and social and human services. IARSA Consults assists clients in developing performance measures, benchmarks, and accountability systems to align activities with strategic goals. Working with school districts, IARSA Consults designs restructuring systems to comply with No Child Left Behind legislation and to reduce the achievement gap. Our services also include one-on-one coaching to leaders, using Strategies for Effective Organizations (SEO). SEO, a service designed for administrators of large organizations, improves overall organization and time management.

Recruitment Services

A renowned name, IARSA Consults acts as a gateway to provide a wide range of recruitment and selection services to companies. We are a dedicated team of professional consultants offering top of the line national executive recruitment and selection services. Our services are available over a wide geographical area that spans across the federation, making us one the leading HR firms in Nigeria and abroad.