IARSA offers Certified membership to researchers; help them achieve the highest professional standards and gain international recognition. IARSA Certified status is the ultimate for professional researchers and, it’s well respected and well recognized worldwide.

When employers work with a Certified Researchers, they’re dealing with someone who’s at the top of their profession. Our Certified Members also have the respect of their peers – other scholarly associations and professionals know that our Certified members are well qualified academically and professionally, they’ve been through a rigorous process to become Certified and have met the high standards of the world’s most prestigious body for researchers.

Institutions, businesses, employers and recruitment consultants are already well used to working with and hiring Certified Researchers. They are recognise Certified status as shorthand for ‘best in class’ and they know they’ll get the highest professional standards from a Certified individual.

All Certified Members need to maintain a CPD record. As a Certified Member of IARSA, you’re entitled to use the designation Certified Research Professionals and the post-nominal letters MCRSA (Member Certified Research Scholars & Administrators)

Being a Certified member, IARSA offers comprehensive, timely information and perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else, along with the resources, tools and connections to help your career flourish in the research community.

Certified member is open for college and university faculty, independent researchers, PhD candidates, practitioners, administrators and employees of government, business, or non-profit organizations. The interested person can apply for IARSA membership at any time during the year.

Certified status will help you:

  • improve your ability to influence decision-makersb
  • work on an equal footing with other professionals
  • increase your future employability.

Admission of Certified Member Criteria

In order to be qualified as a Certified Member of the Association, applicants must satisfy the following set of criteria. Individuals who do not currently meet all of the criteria may become Associate Members. Such individuals, who subsequently meet the criteria through additional academic qualifications, work experience and/or contributions to education research, may apply to have their membership status upgraded. Applicants for the category of Certified Member of the Association must have an appropriate level of academic training and/or practical experience by:

  1. holding doctoral degree of regionally accredited university/institutions and having academic/research/industrial experience of more than 3 years or masters of not more than 8 years and having a recognizable research history in terms of research publications, books, and others
  2. demonstrated a contribution to the aims of the Association in relation to scientific or educational advancements in the research
  • published a relevant peer-reviewed paper


having achieved a total of three of any of the following:

  1. attending two IARSA conferences and publishing one technical paper; publishing three technical papers;
  2. serving for one year on an IARSA committee or an equivalent committee of another research organization;
  3. one year’s activity in promoting education, research, policy development, or some similar mechanism;
  4. publication of a relevant non-peer-reviewed technical paper
  5. Your application needs the support of a Nominator who must be a current Full member or Fellow of the Society. (If you need help finding a nominator, we are happy to assist with that.)


Certified Membership Benefits

  • Our exclusive member and student newsletter, which offers a bite-sized summary of IARSA’s most recent developments and service improvements, as well as showcasing member stories and upcoming events.
  • Free online access of Review of International Studies (RIS) in IARSA International Journal.
  • Regular e-bulletin “IARSA News”. Keeping you up-to-date with International Studies activities and events.
  • Eligibility to present your research at the IARSA annual conference.
  • Eligibility to join the Association’s working groups engage in activities linked to sub fields
  • Eligibility for consideration by working groups to participate in panels for IARSA’s guaranteed slots at the Association conferences
  • Eligibility to join the Association’s Post Graduate Network
  • Eligibility for postgraduates to present your research in an open, friendly and supportive environment.
  • Members have access to post and receive messages from the IARSA Email list
  • Members tell us about your departmental events so we can advertise calls for papers or the event itself, on the IARSA website
  • For more senior scholars the chance to support the wider discipline by providing leadership and mentoring at conferences, meetings and other association events