Curriculum Improvement

Curricular Standards Improvement for Educational Research


The skills in the curricular standards for educational research are not only helpful to students and teachers, but also encourage students to produce the information that has value or meaning to them in order to develop new skills necessary to prepare them for their future careers.

In an age of educational research where standardized tests determine the success of our schools, it is important to allow students the creativity and use innovative strategies and modern learning technologies that help integrate cognitive and social skills with content knowledge as well as increase student participation in the learning environment in order to promote these future skills.

By allowing creative thinking and gauging understanding of content standards through a portfolio based system, students can display their concept retention while producing tangible and valuable outcomes. The future of students depends on flexibility and resourcefulness not teaching to the test. Educational research needs to make an instructional shift in order to ensure students use technology to support necessary skills to succeed as the innovators of the future. Technology is a powerful tool, which allows students to access information and knowledge by themselves.

This research project looks at the degree of learning, teaching and education research policies, programmes and practices are effective; review and redesign current curricular and educational decisions to integrate future skills explicitly.

Probable Date of Commencement: November 2020

Probable Date of Completion: October 2020