Academic Freedom

Promoting Academic Freedom in an International Context in the 21st Century


The International Association of Research Scholars and Administrators (IARSA) is developing standards for sound academic practice, individual academic freedom, scientific freedom, institutional autonomy and communication and freedom of expression among community of higher education. IARSA has long been viewed as the respected voice of the academic profession in this regards.

Many agreed that academic freedom; individual academic freedom; institutional autonomy; scientific freedom; standard and improvement in education research, communication and freedom of expression; freedom of teachers, scientists and students to teach, research, study, and pursue knowledge without unreasonable interference or restriction from law, institutional regulations, or public pressure.

This research project looks at the long-term interest of a society toward academic freedom beyond academic community when the educational process leads to the advancement of knowledge and knowledge is best advanced when inquiry is free from restraints by other institutions, or by special-interest groups and state.

Probable Date of Commencement: July 2020

Probable Date of Completion: February 2021