IARSA membership provides individuals in the field of education research with access to the latest developments and the top researchers in the field. In addition, IARSA provides members with the opportunity to make a difference in education.

IARSA recognises a person as its member only when he/she satisfies the ASSOCIATION’S basic criteria.

  • The interested person/membership candidate is directly or indirectly related with professional or academic research.
  • She/he has minimum academic capability to be involved with extensive research.
  • She/he must have the mentality to serve the research journals run by the association as an editor or reviewer (if asked).
  • She/he must abide by the ASSOCIATION’S code of conduct.
  • She/he has properly applied for IARSA Membership with all necessary documents and she/he has got the membership approval from the authority of IARSA with a valid membership ID

No other international organisation of this magnitude offers:

  • Access to a unique membership combination of academics, researchers, educationists;
  • Exclusive networking opportunities;
  • Mutually beneficial business relationships and collaboration.

All of that AND it’s brought to you with a very research-centric, world perspective that is the essence of IARSA

Who can be an Individual member?

Membership is open for:

  • College and university faculty
  • Independent researchers
  • PhD candidates
  • Practitioners
  • Employees of government, business, or non-profit organizations.

Membership Application Procedures

Being a member of the IARSA offers comprehensive, timely information and perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else, along with the resources, tools and connections to help your career flourish in the research community. The interested person can apply for IARSA membership at any time during the year.

Please send the filled up application form, your short biography and a recent photograph to the executive director at info@iarsa.org.ng

Common Benefits of Individual Membership

All IARSA members get the following benefits in common:

  • International and respectable identification for researchers’ profiles
  • Scholarships for manuscript publishing in IARSA’ Journals and Editorials
  • Scholarships for attending IARSA national and international conferences
  • Recognition for every contribution towards IARSA activities
  • Fair pathway to promotion to higher grade memberships
  • Exposure to International research Community
  • Free updates about latest research
  • Access to a unique membership combination of academics, researchers, educationists;
  • Exclusive networking opportunities among these groups of scholars, researchers, educationists, administrators, students and so forth.
  • Mutually beneficial business relationships and collaboration.
  • Be recognized as a Certified Research Professional (CRP)

It all starts here when you join the IARSA, you will have access to the latest news, technical insights, quality CPE, partner offers, volunteer opportunities and advocacy.

With nearly 1,000 members and partners across more than 15+ countries, the Association is committed to providing resources, science and knowledge, professional networking, and strategic advocacy in education research worldwide. We offer several individual membership options in order to build an inclusive community for those passionate about research in any manner, from professional to private supporter, citizen scientist, volunteer, and intrigued lifelong learner.

Categories of Individual Memberships

IARSA Individual Categories include:

  • Certified Fellow (FCRSA)
  • Certified Member (MCRSA)
  • Associate Member (ACRSA)
  • Honorary Fellow (HonFCRSA)
  • Lifetime Member (LCRSA)
  • Member Emeritus
  • Student Member



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